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People & Their Stories - Tim Devlin

Q: How long have you been with 2nd Mile Adventures?

A: I began riding with 2nd Mile Adventures on the Fall Ride of 2011.

Q: How did you first become involved with 2nd mile Adventures?

A: Two of my good friends from my small group and I were looking for a little bit of adventure and heard about 2nd Mile Adventures through Brent Wildman. Around the same time, some of my 8th grade students invited me to go mountain biking with them on the Winona Trails. From this moment I was hooked.

Q: What did you initially think 2nd mile was about?

A: I knew it was an adventure ministry but I didn't expect the amount of wisdom to be poured into me and the 2MA veterans to intentionally pursue me.

Q: What was your first event with 2nd Mile Adventures and how did it challenge you?

A: My first ride was the fall trip to Racoon Mountain in Southern Tennessee. On that trip I was challenged to truly see the beauty of Jesus in the outdoors. I had begun meeting with Kirk Swaidner (we still meet frequently) and I quickly started to share his passion for seeing our Creator in the great outdoors.

Q: What is your favorite memory with 2nd mile Adventures?

A: On the 2012 Divide we were riding through Southern CO and one of our final camping spots was Pumphouse along the Colorado River. That night Rod Wildman, Greg Kitchens, Kyle Alcon and I sat by the fire and watched the stars for satellites and shooting stars. Our conversation revolved around the eternal depth of God. I'll never forget the beauty of the stars that night and the enjoyment of friends around the fire.

Q: How has 2nd Mile Adventures grown you?

A: As I have been more involved in 2nd Mile Adventures I have had the opportunity to lead devotions, pour into new riders, and help plan trips. In my own life, I have become more intentional in pursuing others around me through the common connection of mountain biking. Most importantly, I have gained an appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors. God can be seen in every aspect from the mountains to the trails and the snow.

Q: What would you say to someone who is considering joining 2nd Mile Adventures or participating in an event?

A: Fully surrender to the process. Enjoy the fellowship, disconnect from the outside world and go a new distance. Often we find Jesus when we are stretched and 2MA will certainly stretch you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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