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  • Nate Gernert

The not so warm, Warm River...

In the middle of August a group of 5 men went out to Wyoming to ride part of the Great Divide Trail. We spent 5 days riding through some of the most beautiful creation that God had made. Our first night on the trail was spent at the Warm River Campground, which is anything but warm. It was very refreshing to get into the cool, quick moving river after a long day on the bike. We camped beside a family who had brought everything but the kitchen sink, and I am not convinced that they did not have that with them as well. There is something inspiring knowing that you packed everything you needed on your bike. It was also a good reminder of how excessive we can live sometimes. We were able to sit and eat our dinners on the bank of the Warm River while an Osprey was fishing for its dinner. It amazes me how God could make a creature that could withstand the constant slamming into the water for its food. What a beautiful thing to watch.

There were challenging times for all of us, whether it was a brutally long climb, the hours spent in the saddle, or just not being able to consume enough fuel for your body to do what it needs. All of us at some point had times where we were pedaling by ourselves. It was in those times when you could almost hear the voice of God coming from the creation around you. We studied our way through the book of James over the week on the trail. We looked at how outspoken our faith was by what we do and how we treat others around us. Do people know that you are a follower of Christ even before you open your mouth to speak?

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