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  • Nate Gernert

Ski Trip 2018

In the beginning of April we had the chance to take 53 people out to Winter Park, CO for our annual Ski Trip. The trip across Nebraska was a little interesting thanks to a winter storm that only seem to affect I-80 the whole width of the state. The Lord watched over us and the weather cleared enough to see the beautiful mountains once we got closer to Denver. The weather was great for skiing even though the high wind kept a few sections closed at times throughout the day. Everyone seemed to have a great time as evidenced by the photo above. We had a great week without any injuries. Most importantly, all week we had the chance to hear from Sam Hatfield of Timberline Lodge. Sam shared with us from the book of Jeremiah that the Christian life is not always easy, but the Lord's plan is always better than our own and He also promises to go with us on the journey. It was great having Sam speak the love of Christ into our lives for the week. Timberline Lodge is a gap year program that gives students the chance to dig into God's Word and also serve in the local community. They also take their students on two mission trips throughout the year. You can learn more about their program on their website.

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