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  • Nate Gernert

Dunes Day 2018

On June 16th at 7am a group of about 40 of us left he parking lot of Trailhouse Village Bicycles. Many of us looking to ride 100 miles before being done for the day. This year's ride help support Heart of the City Bicycles in Fort Wayne. They help maintain and prepare bikes for less fortunate families in that area. Every Friday morning they have an opportunity to impact lives for Christ. They do this by first meeting physical needs and that opens the door for Christ to invade the lives of those they have contact with.

We left the parking lot under ominous skies and I anticipated getting drenched at some point. We had a few rain drops fall on us a few miles into the ride, but they were hit and miss. The skies actually became completely clear not too long later and the temps warmed up. It ended up being a beautiful day for a ride to the Warren Dunes. There was a group of 4 men who were attempting a boomerang run up to the dunes and back. They did a great job and this will be an addition to the ride for future years.

Many of the riders going the whole way to the dunes accomplished a new distance for themselves. You may be thinking to yourself that you could never ride 100 miles, but I challenge you to give it a try. I am sure that many of those who did it for the first time on Saturday used to think the same thing. 2nd Mile Adventures is all about challenging people to go a new distance physically, mentally or Spiritually. If we never challenge ourselves to go beyond what we believe our limits are, we never give God the opportunity to shine through us and show us that anything truly is possible with God by our side. Start training today and see what you can do to challenge your limits and go a new distance. Below are some pictures of those who went a new distance this past weekend.

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