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  • Nate Gernert

View of the Promised Land

This year on our Spring MTB Trip (April 25-27) we were reminded that Pisgah is the mountain where God took Moses to show him the Promised Land. Moses never set foot into the Promised Land. We were all very gracious that the Lord allowed us to ride our bikes in Pisgah and in nearby Dupont Forrest. We had a full bus with 27 guys going from Winona Lake to Pisgah to ride for three days. We met up with the guys from Fully Packed Adventure Ministry and had about 45 guys total riding for the weekend and digging into God's Word.

The riding in Pisgah was very challenging. We also enjoyed a day in Dupont, which also included a scavenger hunt and some riding up to Big Rock. There were some challenging climbs and very rocky descents. All-in-all, we could not have asked for a better weekend of riding. the weather was great and the trails were in perfect condition. We also had some great time in God's Word as Matt Allen shared with us in 4 different sessions over the weekend. The Lord used Matt to teach us about how we are designed for a specific purpose and desires for us all to be Justified in Him. Christ paid the price for our sin and we are set apart for His work. He shared with us what some of the big words like justification, sanctification and glorification really mean in our walk with Christ. As always, our time around the Word and the campfire is just as memorable (or more so) than our time on the trails.

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