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Great Resources

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

During this challenging time of trying to figure out how to socially distance while staying connected, there have been several resources that have become more available and well known. I have talked about the Bible App before and this is another great one. The Bible App has been great to stay connected by being able to do studies together and talk about what the Lord has been teaching you. Recently I found the Access More website/app. AccessMore has resources like podcasts and also radio feeds. I have been listening to the podcast called Thought Revolution by Lance Hahn. He has a fresh view on some current issues as well as what it means to live the radical middle. The radio feeds include K-Love and Air1. It also includes my wife's favorite, Christmas music all year. I know, not everyone's favorite, but there is variety. You should check it out. There is something for everyone. Check out the website at

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