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  • Nate Gernert

New Gear is Here!!!!

I am excited about this topic. We have a couple of new things. Not only do we have a sweet grey color jersey and shorts, but we have two new items. We have a 3/4 sleeve pull over MTB jersey. This has been as request from several of you this last year. I am also excited about the Hi Viz option for our road riders as well. This will help you be more viible on the road. Here is what you need to know. We have our store open with Jakroo from now until July 7th at midnight. If you place your order in that time period it will help us meet a better pricing for the gear. The more that people order, the cheaper it will get. The delivery date will be July 21st. So the store is open for two weeks, then we receive our gear two weeks after that. Here is the store link to check things out and place your order. Jakroo has a guaranteed fit process. Check out this link to make sure that your gear will fit. Make sure that you get your order in by midnight July 7th!!!

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