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2nd Mile Adventures exist to challenge people to go a

New Distance physically, mentally, and spiritually.

2024 New Distance Challenge

In 2024, we are introducing something a little different. We are inviting everyone to commit to the New Distance Challenge. This a year-long challenge to Go A New Distance physically, mentally and spiritually.


Here's how it will work: If you choose to accept the challenge, you'll commit to three life-stretching activities in each of the three areas - physical, mental, and spiritual. In each category, one of these activities should be a significant undertaking that lasts the entire year or requires long-term dedication to accomplish. For example, you could set a goal to ride 2,024 miles, complete your first century ride, read through the Bible in a year, or set a time to unplug and go digitally silent each day.


No matter what you choose, make sure you take someone with you for at least one goal in each of the three categories. This is about YOU going a new distance, while also taking someone along with you. So, think and pray about what challenges you are willing to take on. 

 The following suggestions are intended to inspire your thinking about the new distances you might consider committing to.

  • Physical:

  1. Train for and complete a marathon or triathlon.

  2. Sign up for a hiking or backpacking trip that challenges you physically.

  3. Commit to walking or running a certain number of miles each week.


  • Mental:

  1. Learn a new language by taking classes or using online resources.

  2. Read a certain number of books in a year, including different genres and subjects.

  3. Take on a new hobby or skill, such as painting, playing an instrument, or coding.


  • Spiritual:

  1. Set aside time each day for prayer and meditation.

  2. Volunteer regularly at a local charity or organization that aligns with your values.

  3. Attend a retreat or conference focused on spiritual growth and development.


The registration form will include a dedicated section where you can input your personal goal. We will build community on Facebook and send regular emails to check in, offer encouragement, and provide updates about upcoming events that may help you achieve your goals.


You may be wondering, what happens once you achieve your goals? Well, we will be celebrating together with an end-of-year party... and as a token of your remarkable accomplishments, you'll also receive a jacket to proudly wear.


So here's your chance, take the leap and fully commit! You'll be surrounded by an amazing group of people, ready to support you every step of the way.

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