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  • Nate Gernert

2017 Fall Mountain Bike Trip

This past weekend (October 19-21) we took a trip back down to Brown County State Park for our annual Fall Mountain Bike Trip. We had 21 attend this year's trip. We had beautiful weather that was a little unseasonable for this time of the year. The trails were a little busy at times, but this certainly did not stop us from getting in some greatly enjoyed miles. The variety of trails were sure to challenge all of us in our own way. One thing is for sure, no matter what the skill level, we ALL had a blast on Hobbs Hollow.

Along with being open to hearing the voice of the Lord in the amazing creation that we were enjoying, we also had a chance to dig into his Word. We looked at David's Mighty Men and how the Lord transformed David was a man trying to hide into a brave warrior. We heard how the stones that David chose to kill a giant are a great lesson in what we need in preparation to slay the giants in our own lives. We also looked at what it means to love those around us. We are told that our love should be an identifier to the One we serve. We also looked at how men has a tendency to avoid deep meaningful relationships with other men. In the book "Act Like Men" James MacDonald says, "Meeting with men for mutual com

munity may involve a hobby or a game, it may involve the outdoors or basement workshop or an annual trip. It can gather around a ton of activities, but it always involves real biblical community between men where the Word is studied, hearts are opened, and heads bow in prayer for one another. And hear this: I have never known a man to go the distance for God and family who didn't have this kind of men-with-men, caring Christian community." I will be sharing more about how you can get involved in the next newsletter. If you do not receive our newsletter but would like to, please contact me at

I encourage you to join us on our next trip. It was a great time with cool temps, crisp leaves and challenging trails. Don't miss out on the fun.

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