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  • Steve Breeden

Adventure 600

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

On August 14th, five intrepid cyclists left on a grand adventure to ride from Sault Ste. Marie on the Canadian border all the way back to Winona Lake, covering over 150 miles per day and 606 miles total over the 4 day ride. I could tell you about our months of preparation and endurance building, I could tell you of the breathtaking scenery, or even of the many physical and mental challenges we faced. But as I reflect on the trip, I think focusing on those elements would be missing out on God’s purpose for our ride. I’m convinced that God always has his hand on the destination we choose, but frankly, I don’t think God’s concern lies in the destination all that much. It might as well just be an arbitrary point on the map. I think God’s concern is focused on what we do along the way and what the journey teaches us. Often, no matter how much we prepare, the journey throws us a curve ball we weren’t expecting. It’s these “bumps in the road” that allow God to show us he still has us in his care. It also brings us into deeper relationship with those around us as we see the servant’s heart that God has called us to. We all made the trip to its final destination, but more importantly, five men saw Christ’s light through one another in little shining moments all along the journey. And we learned to let go and allow God to take the lead, knowing He always knows just the right path we need to take. *And a special thanks to Nate Gernert for showing a true servant's heart in being our rolling SAG support and taking care of all our issues and needs for the week!

Pictured Left to Right: Garrett Scales, Steve Breeden, Brent Wildman, Mason Geiger, Brian Cumberland

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